4. Erewhon?

In October 2008, the JISC funded Erewhon project (so named after Samuel Butler's novel) started its work on improving mobile access to University services and developing a comprehensive geo-location database. With the fast growing usage of 'smart' mobile devices our prediction is that demand for institution specific services will increase and that OUCS will be in a position to offer them.

However, Erewhon's work is not simply limited to delivering Oxford specific services. The knowledge gained through the life of the project will be disseminated to all other JISC member institutions via reports, blogs posts and, in certain areas, contributions to open source code bases.

We will be integrating parts of WebLearn Beta into our mobile services as well as linking up with a sister project, BRII, at medical sciences .

As you may know, OUCS already hosts a geo-database service named OxPoints which we are now rewriting. The new version will include a relationship structure that could be used to define everything from a building owned by a particular department to a fire extinguisher in a room in that building!

If you'd like to find out more, head over to our web pages or drop a line to erewhon@oucs.ox.ac.uk

Erewhon's team consists of Project Architects Sebastian Rahtz, Sue Fenley, Adam Marshall, Project Manager Tim Fernando and Researchers Janet McKnight and Arno Mittelbach.

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