5. OWL Phase 2 Project

This year will see the launch of OWL phase 2, the new and improved wireless service. The principal change is that wireless access points (WAPs) offering OWL/Eduroam can be administered centrally. Mobile connectivity is an essential part of modern University life. Users now expect a coherent wireless service, both in 'hotspots' around the University and when on the move or 'roaming'. To increase coverage a unit must deploy more WAPs; currently IT officers must individually configure and manage all the WAPs in their unit which does not scale well.

Initially OUCS will install around 300 new WAPs, creating new hotspots in locations chosen by the divisions themselves. On request OUCS will also be able to ease the administrative burden on IT support staff by taking over any of the circa 300 compatible WAPs already in service. Finally, each unit will be able to offer an additional local wireless network; this may be used to offer access to resources such as printers or file servers.

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