6. WebLearn Beta Tutorial Booking Tool

WebLearn Beta (the up-coming replacement for the current weblearn service) now contains a tool to allow a 'Tutor' to set up one or more 'tutorial sessions' and then invite 'students' to sign up for a particular session. Oxford supplied 'use cases' for this tool which was designed and written by Yale University in the States.

The Sign-up Tool allows you to create three different types of events/meetings.

The types are defined as follows:

  • Multiple Slots: The meeting is segmented into multiple time slots. The participant is required to sign up.
  • Single Slot: There is a single time slot for an event/meeting; the number of participants can be limited or unlimited and the participant is required to sign up.
  • Announcement: There is a single time slot for an event/meeting and sign-up is not required for participants

Please get in touch via weblearn-beta@oucs.ox.ac.uk if you'd like to find out more information or use the tool.

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