13. Oxford University Webex trial

Screen shot of Webex home page

Webex is a web conferencing service that gives participants the tools to seamlessly collaborate and share information. With Webex, you can share presentations, applications and your entire desktop with colleagues from around the world.

We are currently running a trial of this software to see whether it would suit the needs of the collegiate University. The trial will run for at least 6 months and will be free for all those participating. The only requirement for taking part is to provide feedback about the usefulness and usability of Webex.

There are four services within Webex:

Meeting Center
For general, collaborative meetings both internal and and external to the University such as team/project collaborations, handling billing resolution, student/job/press interviews. This would benefit anyone who wants to reduce carbon emissions and travel costs.
Training Center
For delivering interactive e-learning programs with extra functionality such as breakout sessions and tests. This would benefit trainers who don’t have the facilities to run large training sessions or who want to run ad-hoc sessions without needing a room.
Support Center
For areas such as help desks or just general support with the ability for the advisor to view or make changes on the user’s machine just as if the user was doing it themselves. This would benefit support staff, especially those whose users are spread over a large area.
Event Center
Like training center, but used for commercial webinars.

Once in a Webex, you can share a presentation, annotate a whiteboard, share an application (e.g. Excel) or share your entire desktop. A webcam attached to the computer can be shared with everyone else in the meeting.

To listen to the other people in the meeting, the meeting can either call you back on your desk phone or mobile, or you can plug in a headset or speakers and microphone and join in over the internet.

For more information please visit www.oucs.ox.ac.uk/webex or email webex@ox.ac.uk. We can offer you a demo of Webex (via Webex) at your convenience.

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