2. m.ox.ac.uk – Version Two

m.ox display on a mobile phone

Version 2 of Mobile Oxford is now available. Mobile Oxford is a relatively new service offered by OUCS aimed at mobile phone users in the University (including iPhones and PDAs). From your phone (or a desktop machine) go to m.ox.ac.uk and you can:

  • search for a library book and be guided to the libraries that have it in stock
  • look at a map of Oxford to find colleges, departments, libraries, and the nearest pub, cafe, post box, etc.
  • get a live feed for bus stops in Oxford telling you when the next bus is arriving
  • get access to the University’s podcasts
  • quick search for phone numbers and email addresses of staff and students and lots more.

Updates in Verson 2 mostly concentrate on supporting more phones, consistent styling and significant improvements in speed. We’ve also improved the “universal” search (at the top of the front page) significantly, so you can now enter in bus stop numbers, ISBNs, ISSNs and it’ll take you straight to what you want.

We support all smart phone platforms with our shiny interface and you’ll hopefully notice a significant improvement in loading times.

Feed back would be most welcome, either by e-mail to:mobileoxford@oucs.ox.ac.uk or the little feedback form at the bottom of every page of m.ox. The latter will automatically give us some contextual information which is particularly useful for fixing bugs.

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