13. Need More Technical Support?

NSMS support researchers IT requirements through a range of services aimed at providing resources for well defined costs and for short medium or long periods.

Rent a Virtual Server for anything from 1 month to many years. Allows full access to install, configure and maintain your system.
Premium Web Hosting
NSMS can support your project website on a range of technologies and with support from a team of experts. Design assistance can be provided by the OUCS Web Consultancy service.
IT consultancy
NSMS can provide consultancy on any area of IT provision for a research project. With skills in a wide range of topic such as virtualisation, storage provision, clustering, web service provision and many more, NSMS is in an ideal position to assist.

For further details on any of these services please see our website or why not call for discussion about your project on 01865 273209.

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