14. HFS Backup and Archive Services

OUCS provides a University-wide backup and long-term file storage service for staff and postgraduate students. The Hierarchical File Server (HFS) provides an automated backup service for personal computers and servers alike. Should a file be deleted from your computer, the last backed-up version is retained on the HFS for 90 days. If you are working away from Oxford, for example at home or on a field trip, it is still possible to backup and restore essential data so long as you have a reasonable Internet connection, a remote access account and a working VPN client. Data can be restored to a different computer (so long as the file system is the same) and access to data remains private to the owner.

For the long-term, secure storage of valuable research data the HFS provides an archive service. Research projects, large and small, may archive up to 1 TB ofdata (additional data is charged on a five yearly basis). The scope of the service and terms of use are outlined in the HFS archive policy. The HFS only provides a long-term file storage facility. Data owners are still expected to curate and manage the data lodged with the HFS.

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