15. Nexus SharePoint for Research

The Nexus Service will be releasing a SharePoint service in Hilary Term 2011, designed to enable online collaboration and document sharing. Since June 2010 a number of departments and colleges have been trialling the service as early adopters. In particular, OUCS has supported the use of SharePoint for the administration of committees and for supporting collaborative research.

Any site designed to support research might include:

  • document and image libraries
  • fine-grained access controls
  • site calendar, task, and customised lists
  • wiki and team discussion forums
  • sub-sites (e.g. to manage a project steering committee)

Individual users of SharePoint may also have a ‘My Site’ which, for example, can be used to maintain a research profile as well as sharing of documents with colleagues.

The service available in Hilary Term will be based on SharePoint 2010 which also offers online versions of Office applications(on all major platforms) and social networking tools.

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