16. Research Data Management

16.1. Research Data Management Website

In collaboration with OUCS (through the Eidcsr project), Research Services have developed a website intended to provide a gateway to services within and beyond the University to support researchers in the management of their research data. The website includes a useful Data Management Planning Checklist and discrete sections on data backup, security, and sharing, as well as a list of training and support facilities available. The website will assist in the formulation of data management plans for grant proposals.

16.2. Research Data Management Projects at OUCS

OUCS has taken a leading role in gathering requirements and piloting both infrastructure and support services for the management of research data. Much of this activity has been funded by JISC, with an initial project funded by the John Fell Fund. The Embedding Institutional Data Curation Services in Research (Eidcsr) project has worked with three research groups in computing and medical sciences, investigating tools and processes to manage large quantities of data (especially in conjunction with the HFS).

The Supporting Data Management Infrastructure for the Humanities (Sudamih) project has focussed on developing training materials and an online database management application (Database-as-a-Service, DaaS) to meet the requirements of academics in the humanities. OUCS research data management projects have been in collaboration with academics, Research Services, and the Bodleian Libraries.

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