17. New OUCS Publication: Impact and Engagement

Cover of OUCS Impact Guide

Recognising the growing need for advice in this important area, OUCS has produced a new guide to using IT in activities such as impact, and business/community engagement. This is based on work undertaken by several OUCS projects and aims to provide researchers, departments, and colleges with a set of tips that can be easily implemented. The guide begins by discussing how useful IT can be in terms of outreach activities, and also in assisting with ‘impact’ - which is now becoming more and more important for research projects. It looks at the strategic background to this, and then provides a list of suggestions covering a stakeholder analysis, effective web sites, dissemination and community building, extending events, and extending the reach of a project. Finally, it concludes with an overview of OUCS’s activities in terms of engagement, looking at: economic impact and knowledge transfer, bringing learning resources to a wider audience, widening participation, the environment, and arts and culture.

The full guide is available online. Printed copies have been circulated to Heads of Department also.

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