3. OxPoints, OpenMeters, and Open Data at OUCS

Electricity usage graph

OxPoints aims to provide full and accurate geolinking information for aspects of the University of Oxford. The OxPoints dataset consists of names, postal addresses, web addresses and co-ordinates (latitude and longitude) for all the departments, colleges and other buildings or units of the University, and much more, along with some of the relationships between them.

OUCS has recently released its OxPoints dataset under the Creative Commons Zero license. This allows others to use and remix the data for any purpose with absolutely no restrictions. We hope that this will encourage greater reuse and integration both within the University and beyond. InfoDev is also working with other parts of the University, including the Bodleian Libraries to ease the publication of linked open data.

The OpenMeters project is a collaboration with the Estates Department to publish energy consumption information as linked data to aid awareness of the University’s environmental sustainability responsibilities. Much of this information will be made available through a single linked data repository.

More information about OxPoints or if you have a dataset you are interested in making freely available contact InfoDev at: infodev@ oucs.ox.ac.uk

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