5. Web Design Support for Projects

Photo from the First World War Poetry Digital Archive

The Web Design Consultancy (WDC) provides web design and development support for research projects, either simply building the project website, or providing design and technical input into the project itself. Some examples of recent projects are detailed below.

For advice and support on web design or email: webdesign@ oucs.ox.ac.uk

5.1. Runcoco: how to run a Community Collection online

RunCoCo: how to Run a Community Collection online is a project set up to offer advice, training, and open-source software to those interested in running a community collection online.

WDC designed the Project logo and built the project website.

5.2. First World War Poetry Digital Archive

The First World War Poetry Digital Archive is an online repository of over 7000 items of text, images, audio, and video for teaching, learning, and research. WDC provided extensive input into the visual identity and interface design for the project.

5.3. Woruldhord

Old English Drawing

Woruldhord is part of the JISC-funded initiative Runcoco: How to Run a Community Collection Online and sets out to collect together into an online hoard, digital objects related to the teaching, study, or research of Old English and the Anglo-Saxon period of history.

WDC designed the project website and provided interface design for the collection and display interfaces for the online Community Collection.

5.4. Monumenta Asiae Minoris Antiqua XI

The aim of the MAMA XI project is to make available some 600 unpublished inscriptions and other ancient monuments, recorded by Sir William Calder (1881-1960) and Dr Michael Ballance (†27 July 2006) in the course of annual expeditions to Asia Minor in 1954-1957.

WDC are providing interface design on the online edition of the Monumenta Asiae Minoris Antiqua.

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