7. Project Case Notes: The Lexicon of Greek Personal Names

Screen shot of the Lexicon of Greek Personal Names

The Lexicon of Greek Personal Names (LGPN) was established in 1972 as a Major Research Project of the British Academy. The overall objective of the LGPN project is to create a comprehensive and authoritative record of the names of all individuals attested in Greek (or with Greek names attested in Latin) in the ancient Greek-speaking world, and so provide the classical research community world-wide with a unique and fundamental resource for the study of all aspects of the ancient Greek world.

LGPN is internationally recognised as a resource which has transformed the basis on which names may be studied and used. It has done so to date primarily through its publications; so far, over a quarter of a million individuals sharing over 35,000 names have been published in six regional volumes.

OUCS has been assisting the LGPN with its database, typesetting and (most recently) web presence since the early 1980s, and the project has successfully weathered 30 years of changes in humanities computing.

In its most recent incarnation, an InfoDev project has put together a new web-based search of all the data, and enabled the Lexicon to make its data available in formats such as TEI XML, JSON, KML and RDF using the CIDOC CRM ontology (see below). The project now participates in up-to-the minute collaborations using linked data and open standards.

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