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‘InfoDev’ is the name for the Information and Support Group’s Development Team in OUCS. InfoDev provides data solutions, web projects, and research support and advice to OUCS, to the University, and also to external clients. This covers a wide variety of activities including the creation, management, analysis, and publication of digital information of all sorts. InfoDev incorporates several specialist teams within OUCS, including the Web Design Consultancy and Research Technology services. InfoDev can help in the development and management of your digital information and materials. InfoDev undertakes charged work on a not-for-profit basis.

1.1. Research Support

The InfoDev team provides Research Support in the form of the Research Technologies Service at OUCS which offers a range of services to assist staff in planning and carrying out research projects. This can range from giving detailed advice on funding applications, undertaking technical work-packages, or to providing ongoing technical consultation and support. We’re interested in helping you plan IT projects, start them, implement them, and sustain them once they are finished.

1.2. Web Projects

InfoDev works on many web projects and runs the Web Design Consultancy which will either advise or help you to design, build, maintain, host, and refresh your websites. InfoDev also supports and maintains the University’s Google Search Appliance to provide tailored searches and results from University sites. We can also provide a hosted and maintained content management system to run your website.

1.3. Data Solutions

InfoDev collaborates with research projects, and departments to provide a wide variety of information management and data development solutions. This can range from legacy data migration, format transformation, data up-scaling, database- building, the analysis or visualisation of information, to data collection. We’re interested in helping you make more use of the digital information you create. More information about InfoDev or email infodev@oucs.ox.ac.uk

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