1. The Media Production Unit

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On 1st October 2011, the University’s Media Production Unit (MPU) became part of OUCS, moving from its organisational home of the Public Affairs Directorate. With it the MPU brings a wealth of expertise and outstanding facilities to supplement the excellent work OUCS is already doing in the areas of digital film-making, podcasting, videoconferencing and more.

OUCS are now able to provide greater support to expand the service and offer a single point of expertise to the University. In this edition of OUCS News we outline the expertise and facilities available to all areas of the University through the MPU.

Media Production Unit

5 - 6 Worcester Street,



Tel: 01865 289980

Fax: 01865 289981

1.1. What Does the MPU Offer You?

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We offer videoconference facilities, digital video production, video editing, duplication and standards converting and a video archive.

At the MPU, we understand that not everyone has the technical knowledge to set up a video conference, script a programme, or put a podcast on the web. So we do all of the hard work for you, we just ask a few questions and tailor our services to your exact requirements.

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