10. A Free Personal Response System: WebLearn Polls via Mobile Oxford

Are you interested in enhancing interaction in the classroom and exploring new ways to encourage active learning and student engagement? Recently a number of institutions have used hand-held personal response system (or 'clickers') in the classroom to stimulate interaction between students and lecturers. However, using a system as such can be time consuming and costly: a device has to be distributed to each student before use and collected afterwards; bespoke software has to be installed on the computer used by a lecturer.

Students using WebLearn Polls via Mobile Oxford

Now that WebLearn is available via Mobile Oxford, students can use their mobile phones to answer short questions (using the Polls tool) and instantly see the results. This can act as a discussion point, identifying areas where understanding is good, and working together to identify common misconceptions.

Many students own web enabled phones and a large number of departments within the University provide free Wi-Fi, thus we can say that Oxford has a widely available free personal response system.

Since the launch of WebLearn via Mobile Oxford, a number of academic and administrative staff have used this technology to support wide-ranging activities from exam revision to student elections. The feedback has been very positive.

'It was useful to identify common misconceptions, why options were wrong (via different votes) and not just which ones were right': First year Undergraduate Medicine student, May 2011

'We were impressed at how enthusiastic those students with internet enabled mobiles were for the Mobile Oxford interface and observed that students were clearly engaged actively in the session.': Teacher of first year Undergraduate Medicine, May 2011

If you would like find out more about WebLearn via Mobile Oxford, please come to our termly lunch time session or contact the WebLearn team at weblearn@oucs.ox.ac.uk.

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