17. SCORE Teaching Fellowship Awarded to LTG researcher Joanna Wild

After the successful completion of the OER impact study commissioned by JISC, the Learning Technologies Group have continued their research investigations into the use-side of OER. Joanna Wild, a co-author of the report on the impact of Open Educational Resources, was recently awarded a SCORE teaching fellowship to carry out a follow-on study with the focus on raising OER engagement amongst academics.

Findings from the OER impact study highlighted the need to support learners and academic staff alike in the use and reuse of openly licensed resources. This new study explores different practices that are currently emerging in this area, from the perspective of both the providers and beneficiaries. The study will contribute to a clearer understanding of what accounts for successful practice to promote engagement with OER in different institutional contexts. It will produce, among other things, a set of guidelines for interested institutions to adopt.

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