18. OUCS goes to Washington

A web tool developed by an OUCS staff member has found favour with the US Government. As part of a JISC-funded visit to the United States, LTG’s Pat Lockley developed a prototype tool to allow people to search for open educational material via Google.

After a Google search has finished, anyone with the tool can then find out which links have been used by other educators, and what they have used those resources for.

The tool is based around the Learning Registry. The Learning Registry is part of the US Government’s National Education Technology Plan, which stores information on educational material and how this is used.

In storing this data, it is hoped that the material becomes much easier to discover, and then, simpler to make a decision on its relevance to your own teaching.

Screen shots of the tool working

For more information, contact Patrick Lockley, OUCS.

The Learning Registry

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