19. Supporting Institutional Practice for Feedback and Assessment (SIPA) Project

The WebLearn team has launched a project to investigate, promote and support the use of the external Turnitin plagiarism detection and prevention service, along with allied products GradeMark (online marking and annotations) and PeerMark (student peer marking and assessment). Turnitin is integrated into the WebLearn Assignments tool (version 1) and system improvements will be recommended for the new Assignments2 tool in response to user feedback.

We are investigating current institutional processes and policy in terms of academic writing and plagiarism prevention and will make recommendations in collaboration with the Education Committee, the Proctors’ office, the Oxford Learning Institute and the Bodleian Libraries.

New training courses for academic staff will be developed in the following areas:

  • Turnitin Fundamentals (Hilary 2012)
  • Interpreting Turnitin Originality Reports (Hilary 2012)
  • Tackling and Managing Plagiarism in the Internet Age
  • Student Training in Information Skills and Academic Writing Practice
  • Assessment Tools for Formative Testing

We are working closely with academic colleagues to identify models of good practice in assessment and feedback (to and from students), and to support staff and students in promoting academic writing and study skills.

The project is funded by the University’s PRAC ICT Sub-Committee and runs between November 2011 and April 2013.

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