21. Thank You NSMS from BSP

OUCS staff had a mention in the BSP newsletter recently:

"we would like to thank Jon Hutchings and Aaron Wilson from NSMS (a team within OUCS) for helping the BSP Web Team to get the first of the new Gazette web editions launched for the start of the new annual publishing cycle. The web team has been working over the summer on a significant project to replace the current method of web page access restriction with a new one.

With only a week to go to the 19 September deadline, it was clear that the custom software development was not ready, and scaled-back alternatives either would not work or would have been perceived as a failure by the customer. At the last minute, the web team devised an alternative interim workaround, capable of supplying the key deliverable. In spite of already stretched resources and limited time as the deadline loomed, Jon and Aaron pulled out all the stops to get this working for us in time and to co-ordinate activity with their OUCS colleagues for the required dependent services. The authoring mechanism and the first 2011-12 Gazette web editions launched as required, on time, the following week."

Glad to be of help!

Interested in what NSMS can do for you?

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