3. Ten Things You Didn’t Know About the MPU

  1. At the MPU, we have filmed every graduation ceremony since 1989. They can be purchased either online or by contacting the unit.
  2. We ran a video production course for 8 years and won 2 national student awards at the Educational Television and Media Association (ETMA which became LOS - Learning on Screen).
  3. We have offered a video conferencing service since 1998.
  4. Head of the MPU, Charles Beesley, is the Film and Video coordinator for external TV and film crews wanting to film in Oxford. Charles has a huge knowledge of University and college buildings and rooms, as well as a huge list of contacts in the Media and the University.
  5. We are the Oxford representative for the British University Film and Video Council (BUFVC). This entitles any University member to reduced fees for their courses and events and access to their off-air recording facility.
  6. We filmed internationally celebrated artist, Marina Abramovic performing Nude with Skeleton, which was shown in MoMA, NYC.
  7. We were one of the last film crews to film onboard the Mary Rose before they sealed her up for conservation.
  8. The MPU has over 3,500 hours of video material dating back to the 1920s.
  9. The department has been running since 1985, under different names: UTC, CTCTV, ETRC and MPU.
  10. We filmed and produced the first University promotional film back in 1986.

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