5. University Carbon Emissions Report

Title page of Energy Toolkit

The recent report on carbon emissions from the University Sustainability Team found that:

  • During the quarter Jan-Mar 2011 the University reduced its carbon emissions by 4.8% (1,194 tonnes) compared to the same period in 2010
  • Result: saved £165,919 in energy bills
  • All Divisions reduced their emissions (except ASUC which increased their emissions by 10% due to the opening of the Book Storage Facility)
  • 138 out of the University’s 217 buildings reduced their emissions

Read the full report (Q4)

Q4 breakdown of carbon dioxide emissions by building (see the Q4 Excel spreadsheet)

The University’s Energy Toolkit - All the practical advice you need to use energy efficiently in the University:

Want to know more about how IT can be more efficient? See the OUCS Green IT pages

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