6. Core User Directory

Ever wanted to know who belongs to which colleges and departments? Of course it is possible to use the card affiliation, but what if people have more than one affiliation? CUD is here to help address just that issue.

Screenshot of Core User Directory Affiliations Manager

We are currently finalising an Affiliations Manager which will allow registered personnel to easily enter details about the people affiliated to their: unit, division, faculty, department or college using a simple spreadsheet. We can then tell you if the people in your list already exist in CUD, allow you to confirm those matches and finally, we return the data we know about them to you.

What we do is the important task of matching the records of people held in many different data sources around the University so that it is possible to see all the data for that person in one place. This task has not been possible before and is the primary and unique function of CUD. Having a unique identifier for all systems allows many new data management enhancements.

Of course we are very security conscious and we only allow approved, registered people and systems to see any data and further restrict sensitive date to those who have the right to see it. Full details about our policies and the services we offer are available using the links below.

One example of where this was useful was a faculty who needed to make a mail list but had incomplete information for people on the list. We were able to provide many of the unknown email addresses and other pieces of information for the people in that faculty and provide them with a check of the completeness of their data. They can now add, update or remove information about the people in that faculty anytime.

Whilst CUD does hold information about non card holders, CUD is not a way to get accounts for external people. Being in CUD is not the same as having an account anywhere. Nor does CUD “do” passwords or credentials of any sort. If you want your people to access resources you will need to get them a card in the usual way.

University card types and entitlements are listed on the OUCS entitlements website

Full Service Description

CUD service level description

Affiliations Manager service description

For more details about the progress of the project which completes in June 2012 see the collection of documentation held on our Sharepoint site.

To contact us or to register for CUD please email cud@oucs.ox.ac.uk

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