7. Oxford Nexus Email Upgrade

The Oxford Nexus email service is being upgraded from Exchange 2007 to Exchange 2010. This will take place from February onwards and should allow nearly all users to enjoy the full functionality in their favourite browser. People who use email clients installed on their computer may notice no difference.

Following last year’s successful upgrade of the SharePoint service, from software versions 2007 to 2010, the email/calendaring/tasks etc. service is going the same way. This is a far larger service and has entailed large-scale preparations in the background.

We anticipate that the upgrades for some will be able to begin in February. Most will be finished by the end of April and hopefully all by the end of May.

In a recent analysis of activity in week four of term, 98.5% of browsers used would give full functionality with Outlook Web Access with Exchange 2010: good news for Oxford Nexus users, especially those on Mac and Linux platforms. Other browsers that work with Outlook Web Access Light should work as at present.

There will be a transitional period from mid January, just before the main upgrade processes begins, to approximately the end of May 2012. During this time, the vast majority of people will not notice any change. However, there will be some temporary effects that some may notice.

If you are unlucky enough to encounter any problems over this period, please look at the guidance information.

If that doesn’t cover your issue, please contact the OUCS Help Desk.

Look out for announcements as to when to expect your upgrade. You won’t feel a thing during the upgrade process: it should not involve any interruption in service for most people and we hope that hardly anyone will have to change their connection settings, so no technical or fiddly changes required.

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