1. Oxford Nexus Arrives

Following extensive setup and testing, the Oxford Nexus system was launched on 1st September with users migrating across from the existing Herald system. At 02:38am on 18th September we celebrated the 10,000th successful migration of a mailbox from Herald to Nexus. All new accounts are now being provisioned directly on Nexus, giving over 16,000 active mailboxes by 18th September.

Herald users are being migrated in three general slots - one ending on 2nd October, the second window running 19th October to 6th November, with deferred accounts being transferred by Christmas. Users joining from other services are likely to be migrated in early 2010, dependant upon local considerations.

Nexus provides significantly more than just email. By using the calendaring functionality it is possible to schedule meetings,book resources, make to-do lists, create distribution lists, keep journals and receive reminders of required meetings and tasks. In November functionality will be extended to include BlackBerry services. Expressions of interest are being requested for pilot users wishing to use SharePoint functionality as part of administrative, research or social activities - see www.oucs.ox.ac.uk/groupware

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