5. Double Celebrations for Oxford Podcasts

In early August, the University had two reasons to celebrate. Firstly, in the 44 weeks since launch last October, there have been over one million downloads from Oxford’s site in iTunes U.

And for several days in early August, Oxford was at the number one spot in the global iTunes U downloads chart, with philosophy lecturer Marianne Talbot’s “Romp through the history of philosophy”. A month later, it was still at number two, having been ousted from the top slot by a podcast about the operating system of the Mac!

Oxford’s site in iTunes U is a free site featuring more than 500 audio and video podcasts about the University including talks, lectures and interviews with leading researchers. There is a parallel web site for those wishing to access the material from libraries and other public computers. You can listen to any of these podcasts by going to itunes.ox.ac.uk.

OUCS continues to improve and expand the help, support and services for providing podcasts. Latest features include the system now working on iPhones and smart phones. More details and related courses can be found at www.oucs.ox.ac.uk/podcasts. Please send any feedback or questions to podcasts@oucs.ox.ac.uk

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