6. OpenSpires

OpenSpires (openspires.oucs.ox.ac.uk) is a HEFCE/JISC pilot project which OUCS is working on in partnership with legal services. Its aims are to increase the amount of audio and video content released from Oxford and to enable the University to investigate the implications of making some of this material available as Open Content under a Creative Commons licence.

This means quality educational content will be available for reuse and redistribution by third parties globally, provided that it is used in a non-commercial way and is attributed to its creator.

This funding would enable the University to build upon the Oxford iTunes U service launched in October 2008, which has widespread participation from Oxford academics. Oxford podcasts currently include recordings of public lectures, including those from eminent visiting speakers, interviews with researchers, and conference presentations. The project will have a global impact, as the free-to-download resources are in many cases from speakers, researchers and visiting lecturers with high international profiles.

Benefits for the University of this project include:

  • Enhance Oxford’s Global reputation - enable us to produce more material from eminent speakers that has a global impact and places Oxford in a leading position within the UK open content movement.
  • Ensure expert legal scrutiny - the complex licensing and IPR issues associated with Open Content will be overseen by Legal Services
  • Text transcripts to accompany and enhance the existing audio recordings will be created
  • Alumni - enable the University to produce more audio and video material that brings the modern day University to life for its many alumni
  • Admissions - enable us to produce more podcasts that will reach and inspire the key 16-18 age range

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