14. LTG Members Share Their Great Ideas

Photo of delegates at the Sharing Great Ideas Conference

The LTG was closely involved in the 2010 European Learning Activity Management System (LAMS) and Learning Design Conference at Wolfson College on Thursday, 15th July. The conference was organised by the LAMS Foundation based at Macquarie University, Sydney, assisted locally by the LTG events team.

With a focus on “Sharing Great Ideas,” delegates explored technologies, applications and approaches that support sharing, collaboration and open access to knowledge and resources. Melissa Highton gave the formal welcome on behalf the University, and Liz Masterman presented the opening keynote jointly with Professor Diana Laurillard of the Institute of Education. The keynote brought delegates up to date with the Learning Design Support Environment (LDSE) project, which is using artificial intelligence techniques to help lecturers expand their pedagogic skills and knowledge, and in which LTG members are playing a major role. In addition Melissa, Jill Fresen and Lisa Mansell gave papers that highlighted aspects of the LTG’s work relevant to the conference theme: using open educational resources to support learning technology strategies, and a user-oriented approach to encouraging lecturers to engage with technology through WebLearn.

On Friday 16th July, the LTG played host to a “Design Bash” accompanying the conference. Delegates made use of the modern facilities of the Isis room to share not only their ideas for innovative teaching and learning, but also to demonstrate the exciting software that is currently being developed to support learning design – including a prototype of the LDSE.

The two events represent the latest in a chain of link-ups between OUCS and the LAMS community that dates back to the evaluation of LAMS by Stuart Lee and Liz Masterman in 2004 and the visit to OUCS by Professor James Dalziel, founder of LAMS.

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