16. EndNote X4 Hits the Streets - Works with Word 2010

16.1. Tame those Bibliographies

EndNote is popular with academics and researchers – it can bring sanity to your collection of references, journal articles and books. It works with your word-processor, so at a stroke you can insert citations into your own papers or thesis. You can instantly reformat all the citations in an article you are writing, including the bibliography, to follow a different layout and style.

16.2. New Version, EndNote X4

A new version of EndNote has been released this summer, which is compatible with Word 2010. Read about which versions of EndNote will work with your word- processor:

Read about what’s new with this version.

16.3. Discount Software

EndNote X4 is now available through the OUCS Shop. For computers that are owned by the university, EndNote can be installed without charge. If you want to install it on a computer that is privately owned, download it at considerable discount from the Individual Members area.

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