20. HFS News

20.1. HFS Changes

On 1st June, we will be making some changes to the HFS Desktop Backup Service which will alter what is included for backup. The aim of the change is to further limit the backup of system files for desktop class clients.

These changes will provide various improvements to the service for end users including: lowering the probability of failed backups due to locked system files; reducing the amount of data sent with each backup thus reducing backup duration; and ensuring more backups can occur without hitting the HFS daily backup limits.

Full details of what will now be excluded can be found on the web pages.

If you use the HFS Desktop service, you will have been contacted with a message explaining the changes. All changes are being implemented on the server-side: so there is no need for you to do anything.

This only affects the Desktop-class service, no changes are being made to the Server-class service.

Please note: The HFS is not designed to offer full-system restores due to the issues that pertain to ensuring backups are complete and to restoring systems on dissimilar hardware. Restores to dissimilar hardware are also not supported by some operating systems. See OUCS News from Trinity 2010 for information on how to recover your entire system.

20.2. Out-of-Oxford Backup Service Over VPN

The HFS has opened a new service for those wishing to ensure that their data is appropriately secured using Oxford-run facilities but who work outside Oxford (off the university network) for long periods. Previously, backup services were limited to the university network and to the University’s eduroam wireless network; this new pilot service provides backup and restore functionality worldwide, via the university VPN service.

To use this service, all you need to do is: install the university VPN software; register a TSM account on the HFS VPN service; and then install the HFS TSM software.

Further details.

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