24. Crowdsourcing with RunCoCo

RunCoCo ran two very successful training events in May. About 40 delegates attended, representing universities, local authorities, museums and private enterprises interested in harnessing the public’s enthusiasm to add to their work - ‘crowdsourcing’ is one word for this. The RunCoCo team received many complimentary comments both during and after the workshop.

RunCoCo is based in the LTG at OUCS and has received JISC funding until the end of February 2011 to tell people about how they could run something like The Great War Archive or tap into the hundreds of thousands of users of the Zooniverse (e.g. Galaxy Zoo) as explained by Chris Lintott. We will be holding further workshops during 2010, and you can read more about RunCoCo on our website or on the project blog. Both of these include presentations and audio from events.

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