3. Top Tips for a Better Video Conference

  • With any video situation - audio is always the most important.
  • Test Early - Test often - Practice with the software on both sides
  • Death by PowerPoint still applies in an online conference - use pictures/music/shorten your talks
  • Use headphones for Skype type conferences
  • Turn off video if you don’t need it to conserve bandwidth
  • In WebEx - don’t screenshare to present PowerPoint - upload presentation into the system
  • Mute your microphones if the other speaker is doing a presentation (you can do this in WebEx/ Skype)
  • If it is a big group collaboration then ask everyone to mute during presentations
  • Keep all microphones well away from speakers and PC fans to avoid feedback/noise
  • Don’t use wireless if you’ve got wired connections.
  • Don’t use mobile phones to dial into systems (the sound is already clipped)

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