4. Nexus News

4.1. Nexus Sharepoint

Since the last newsletter the Sharepoint service has been released to over 130 different applications through 34 different site collections. Another call for users will be released in late Michaelmas term for provision in Hilary Term 2011.

4.2. Nexus mail

Nexus now has over 50,000 mailboxes serving the whole university, and other mail systems are gradually migrating across to the central facility which allows for email, calendaring and Global Address List (GAL). For individuals the GAL now contains telephone numbers and core information of their departmental address.

A chargeable premium service for users who require additional mail storage is now available and can be purchased by registered local ITSS through the Register facility provided that a departmental / college cost code can be provided. Already 210 users are availing themselves of this facility.

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