10. Mobile Oxford 1.1 Improvements

10.1. Speed

We’ve heavily optimised our cache headers to tell your phone what to store and for how long so you need not re-load regularly. Added to this you’ll also benefit from the speed that our new AJAX loading system provides so that the entire page does not need to be re-created every time you click through.

Screenshot of bus groups option on Mobile Oxford

10.2. Transport improvements

10.2.1. Bus stop groups

We now group bus stops with nearby ones, this means if you navigate to one bus stop in a particular area you’ll also get the real time bus information for the nearby stops. This is particularly useful if you have a choice of buses from a particular area or if you can’t remember which bus stop yours is!

Mobile Oxford

10.2.2. Rail replacement bus departures

Now shown on railway departure boards.

10.3. Many more!

There are dozens of other changes which you can read all about.

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