16. Crowdsourcing with Sustainable Success

The outcomes and lessons learned from the RunCoCo project of the LTG can be synthesised into a simple A,B,C of advice for projects and groups who aim to ‘crowdsource’ with sustainable success:

  • Aim for Two-way engagement
  • Be part of your community
  • Challenge your assumptions

The RunCoCo project team have played a key role in supporting and promoting this new way of working with the public for impact, outreach and engagement at home and abroad. The outputs of the project are available on the RunCoCo website for free. These include guides, workflows, reports, training materials and open source software. The lessons learned have been distilled into a chapter in the e-publication Content Clustering and Sustaining Digital Resources (JISC, 2011 ).

Watch this space for news of the RunCoCo and The Great War Archive project team in Germany and beyond... (Europeana 1914-1918)

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