19. Bringing Oxford Politics Closer to the Subject Community

Are you interested in discovering what leading academics think about current events such as the London Riots and the recent turmoil in the Middle East? Are you looking for easily accessible academic resources to inspire political thought and debate? An online collaboration between the Department of Politics and International Relations, University of Oxford and the Department of Politics and International Studies, University of Cambridge aims to do just that.

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Politics in Spires is a new website that brings high- quality open educational resources closer to the subject community. The site provides dynamic collections of learning materials from across the globe together with a cross-institutional scholarly blog. Open materials include audio and video podcasts of lectures and eminent speakers, online courses, and commentaries, all of which are licensed for you to use and redistribute in your teaching. Bookmarking tools allow registered users to create ‘learning pathways’ through the collections around a thematic topic which can then be shared with students and the wider public. The website is also a forum for free expression and invites your feedback and opinions on the topics discussed.

Politics in Spires was developed by the Triton project, a collaboration between the Learning Technologies Group, OUCS and the Department of Politics and International Relations. The LTG provided expert support, guidance and technical support to the Politics and IR subject community to create new and sustainable OER releases. Triton was funded by JISC and the HEA as part of the Open Educational Resources Programme Phase 2.

For further information visit:

Politics in Spires

The Triton project

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