20. Developer of the Year Winner

Photo of Alex

At JISC’s jiscEXPO conference in Manchester earlier this year, Alexander Dutton, a developer from OUCS’s InfoDev team won the coveted Project Developer of the Year award. JiscEXPO programme manager David Flanders categorised the award as being "not only about the hard work that a developer often does without any real recognition, but also about the incredibly smart and pragmatic brain of an individual who is getting real things done in weeks, not months."

In his InfoDev role, Alex currently spends a lot of his time working for the CLAROS project and its RESTful Linked Open Data interface, but also has been one of the driving forces behind the University’s Institutional Linked Open Data repository. The JISC project in question was the Open Citations project undertaken in the Zoology department.

Flanders went on, in announcing the winner of this prize, to say that Alex was "truly an inspiration in terms of hard work, not only in his project but in about a dozen other initiatives that had nothing to do with what he was getting paid for; rather, Alex is just one of these developers who quietly gets on with doing good stuff without having to be asked to do it. I’ve spoken about the need to better understand the capability of developers (we are not theborg despite our geek chic uniforms) and Alex is one of the few developers that I would say is just starting to creep up into the status of 'guru'[...]. I hope to see Alex in many more projects as his skills and hard work are invaluable to our sector."

Congratulations Alex!

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