24. Ten Things You Didn't Know About the LTG

  1. In 2001 the LTG consisted of just 7 members of staff, this has now grown to a body of 30 teachers, developers, researchers, and specialists.
  2. This autumn, the University’s Media Production Unit will move from the Public Affairs Directorate into the LTG, widening the group’s portfolio of services even further.
  3. Since its launch on October 8th 2008, Oxford podcasts have seen 12 million downloads from iTunesU , 3,000 podcast items processed consisting of 2,700 academic speakers and contributors.
  4. Over 1,000 podcasts have been released with a Creative Commons licence, allowing them to be openly redistributed and reused in teaching and learning across the world.
  5. In the 2010/2011 Academic year ITLP ran 509 courses, covering 199 topics, attended by 2,727 distinct individuals culminating in 1,487.5 hours of learning.
  6. You can tweet the LTG team at @LTGOxford
  7. The LTG worked with the Zoology department to run the Emerging Infections stand at Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition (celebrating its 350th birthday). The team helped 1000+ members of the public create agent-based computer model simulations of a viral epidemic. Queen Elizabeth came within ten feet of the stand but sadly did not stop by to build an epidemic game.
  8. If a course is not currently scheduled in the ITLP course catalogue you can also ‘express an interest’ and you will be notified when there is enough demand for it to become available.
  9. Over 16 weeks in 2008 a crowdsourcing initiative led by LTG staff saw 7,500 digital versions of previously hidden artifacts from World War One contributed by the general public to the Great War Archive.
  10. Far from being computer geeks, the LTG contains a number of closet artists. Staff members have displayed their talents in ceramics, photography, jewellery design and oil painting at the annual OUCS Artweeks.

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