28. Working Lunch at the Royal Oak

Those of you who have been around OUCS since the mid-70's will know that there has always been a collective dream that one day we would be able to work (over lunch!) in OUCS’s extension offices aka The Royal Oak pub, but technical and political considerations have prevented from extending the house network to there.

Thanks to the enthusiastic support of Steve Kersley (Keble's IT Officer) we have fitted a wireless AP in the old Ackland building which now houses some of Keble's graduate students. This AP uses a directional array which just happens to give a suprisingly good OWL/Eduroam signal that can be used both in the garden and down the rooms on the eastern side of the Royal Oak building. The front rooms have a reduced signal because of internal pillars and kitchens, but it is still useable in most places.

The manager, Michelle, is most happy with the arrangement and has even put up one of our OWL posters to encourage you to linger...

OUCS has been busy extending its wifi coverage of open and more unusual spaces. The Royal Oak joins the University Parks, cricket pavillion, Wellington Square, Botanic Gardens and Sheldonian Theatre, and others.

OUCS waved a sad 'good bye and good luck' to Geoff Lescott, Network Controller, in September after more than 38 years sterling service. Perhaps we can see the wifi enabling of the local pub to be his retirement gift to us? Thanks Geoff!

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