30. Joined-up IT at the UAS Conference

Photo of stand at UAS

OUCS joined forced with BSP and the ICT Support Team to run a joint stand at the recent University Administration and Services (UAS) Conference. The stand offered a variety of leaflets from the different services, displayed jewellery created using recycled computer components and ran a tombola. People were asked to rank their top three IT challenges from a selection (or Other) and in return had the opportunity to win USB pens, chocolate or laptop locks. The stand was very popular and over 180 people gave their feedback.

OUCS staff also presented six of the presentation sessions with subjects ranging from the new Information Security Policy to Podcasting via the OUCS online shop, the University Shared Data Centre and WebLearn.

The jewellery was hand-made by members of OUCS staff who form the Dragonfly Co-operative. Their creations are sold to raise funds to help provide IT services to Charities.

Caption: Maggie Howe, Ian Teasdale and Jane Littlehales on the IT information stand. Image: Nicole Van Hemert

Details of the conference, including copies of slides from the various talks for download.

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