6. Exchange Large Files Securely

Do you want to send a video or document archive to a colleague or send a large electronic document to a printing company for mass publication? Do you need to receive large data sets from someone at another institution?

Then take a look at OxFile.

Screenshot of Oxfile

OxFile is a web service that supports the exchange of large files with people inside and outside of Oxford University. It is simple and fast to use, and any member of the University can setup a file exchange for immediate use.

All services have limits:

  • Nexus can only send or receive emails less than 100MB in size
  • WebLearn has a 1GB default site quota and you need access rights to contribute to one or more sites
  • SharePoint has a 1GB file size limit and is only accessible if you have a Single Sign On (SSO) account
  • OxFile will accept files up to 20GB

Oxfile sends out notifications when files have been up or downloaded and is self-tidying as files are automatically pruned after a (user-selected) fixed period. Basic security (encrypted file transfer, server verification, and user access control) is included by default.

About Oxfile

Use the Oxfile service

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