7. Spam

We all receive unwanted email, sometimes of an offensive nature. It is very hard to totally avoid this, but it can usually be contained to a mere irritation. Most incoming mail is scanned by the server in order to tag junk mail, and OUCS recommends also applying a filter to screen you from the worst excesses.

Spam scoring and handling are reliable at the server level (both Oxmail and Exchange), in Outlook Web Access (both the full and light versions) and many other clients. However, OUCS recommend that people disable spam filtering in the Outlook client itself as some people have experienced problems.

Messages that are identified as spam or junk mail by Nexus are moved to the Junk E-mail folder. If you do not remove them, they are automatically deleted after 90 days.

More information on email services and spam.

Over the long Royal Wedding/Bank Holiday weekend, the University received two spam run campaigns. Read more about these, what they were, how they were handled as well as see the answers to many of the questions people have about spam.

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