8. Oxford Nexus News

The Oxford Nexus services, based around Microsoft Exchange and SharePoint, continue to develop. The main news regarding Exchange (email, calendaring, etc.) is that the service is due to be upgraded to Exchange 2010 in the first quarter of next year (2012).

This should be a painless experience and one main benefit is that Outlook Web Access - still sometimes referred to as Webmail by some - will be much better if you are a Firefox or Safari user. There should be equitable functionality between Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari, as long as you are using relatively recent supported versions.

We intend that the transition will be as hidden as possible. You may be told that you are going to be upgraded at a particular date/time and you may need to log back in once the upgrade is complete. We anticipate no loss of data, old email or calendar items, etc. during the change. Major changes will be taking place behind the scenes, with almost the whole of the infrastructure (servers and storage) underpinning Nexus Exchange being replaced.

Other changes around this time include the removal of the username.herald.ox.ac.uk method of connecting to Nexus Exchange for IMAP users. This method of IMAP connectivity was only established as an interim measure to assist people through the change from Herald to Nexus and must now be decommissioned. Instructions for changing most popular IMAP clients to use imap.nexus.ox.ac.uk (a very simple change) exist on the OUCS web site.

Anyone who uses WebDav to access Exchange will find that this functionality is removed with Exchange 2010. We encourage people to use Exchange Web Services instead. This may affect older Entourage and Evolution email clients, among others.

The use of the Oxford Nexus SharePoint service continues to build. There is lots of information about the service if you are yet to get started.

If you want to see what’s there already, find the site directory in order to find out who to contact if you would like a SharePoint site yourself.

The Integration of WebLearn and Nexus project has been working hard to find, and develop, ways in which shared functionality is possible between the VLE and the Nexus services. Very soon, you should find that you can subscribe to any site calendar to which you have access, from calendaring clients including Outlook Web Access and Outlook. We are also working on the ability to email out calendar events and/or invitations for items within WebLearn (e.g. tutorials), so that these can be added to Nexus calendars.

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