11. IT Courses news

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11.1. Changing to Office 2007?

Ask the IT Learning Programme at OUCS about our Office 2007 Quick Start cards, which give a quick summary of the commands. Each title gives just enough to get you going with the new interface. These cards cost £2.50 each from ITLP administration - email courses@oucs.ox.ac.uk).

If the new Ribbon has you baffled, have a look at the new self-study materials 'Office 2007: What’s New'.

11.2. ECDL Update

At the end of May this year OUCS will end testing for the core ECDL. Although we will no longer be offering ECDL testing we will continue to offer free online training for all university staff and students for one more year.

OUCS will continue to run the Advanced ECDL if you want a higher level, internationally recognised IT qualification in Spreadsheets, Word processing, Presentations or databases.

11.3. Free Fundamentals Courses

The IT Learning Programme is now offering free IT Fundamental courses for University members. These Fundamentals courses give you a practical introduction to Access, Excel, PowerPoint and Word. During each three hour session there will be demonstrations and plenty of hands-on practice plus time to talk to the teaching staff as you work.

These courses can be followed using Office 2003 or 2007 – course books in both versions will be loaned to you for useduring each course. Further information.

11.4. Information Literacy Courses from OUCS

As highlighted at the recent UK Librarians’ Conference on Information Literacy (LILAC), all academic workers need high quality information literacy skills.

The following courses at OUCS are aimed at this area:

  • WISER: Workshops in Information Skills and Electronic Resource
  • Skills Toolkit for Graduates
  • Copyright
  • EndNote (Introduction and further skills)
  • Word for Your Thesis
  • Strategies for Research (Michaelmas inductions targeted for subject areas)

See the current course schedule to read about these and other courses on offer from the IT Learning Programme.

11.5. Four Key Quotes Sum Up Information Literacy Conference

Information Literacy, and the skills that researchers and students need in today’s information-obese world, were the themes at this year’s UK Librarians’ Conference on Information Literacy (LILAC09) in Cardiff, attended by OUCS Learning Technologies Group (LTG) staff.

'Today’s students are great at getting stuff from online but rubbish at selecting quality sources' (a conference delegate to LILAC)

'Ignorance more frequently begets confidence than knowledge' (Charles Darwin, 1871)

'Pedagogical theory is the dialectical relationship of learning.' (A Ireland - Murray State University)

'How to Manage Your Flamingo' (Melissa Highton, Head of LTG, Keynote address to LILAC)

Papers and informal conversations dealt with ways of helping students develop their critical thinking skills, and how Universities can help students learn to choose and evaluate quality sources for their research, and use them appropriately.

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