14. Twittering From Conferences

The Learning Technologies Group hosted two sold-out conferences on 2nd and 3rd April.

14.1. The Shock of Digital Literacy

Shock of Digital Literacy examined the concept of digital literacy and how it had been supported at institutions. Keynote speakers gave perspectives from Duke University (US) who were at the forefront of using iPods before podcasting was even a phrase, and Ravensbourne College where they are doing away with centralised computer facilities and selling students their own laptops for a nominal sum.

14.2. Beyond Walls

Beyond Walls showcased podcasting across a number of institutions who are collaborating on the global OpenCast project, the UK Steeple project and the European Matterhorn project. A handy podcasting booklet was distributed free to all attendees.


This year a number of people “attended” the conferences remotely and a question was asked on behalf of one of them.

There was a significant presence of “Tweeters” publishing items at regular intervals on a Twitter feed. Twitter has a maximum of 140 characters per post, so information is concise, and is used by attendees to highlight specific items for later reference and also to expand on the speaker’s comments or references. If you want to follow the threads created, go to twitter.com and search on Shock09 or Beyond09 as the tags.

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