18. Red Nose Day Run

Photo of OUCS's Red Nose Day Runners

On Friday 13th March, a gang of intrepid and slightly silly OUCS members and friends left 13 Banbury Road to run 8.7 miles, taking in everyone of the 44colleges and PPH of the University. The runners had pestered colleagues, friends and family for sponsorship and sold “advertising” space on their T shirts to raise money for Comic Relief. The route had be carefully planned out, with the aid of Google maps, and two runners carried GPS devices which fed data back to record the position of the runners on a map, updated every 10 seconds. The team were accompanied by one of OUCS’s unofficial photographers poised to gather incriminating evidence and proof that the gang had actually visited every one of the 44 colleges and halls, and The Turf Tavern.

Over £1,800 was raised so thanks to everyone who sponsored them, cheered them on or sat inside out of the rain and were glad it wasn’t them. Other events at OUCS raised £368.05 for Comic Relief.

The route

The track recorded by the GPS devices

Photos outside each of the colleges and halls

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