19. Can OUCS Save You Money?

In this current cost-cutting environment, could using OUCS services help your department work more efficiently?

  • NSMS services offer outsourcing to departments, virtualization, desktop/server management, etc.
  • OUCS’s specialist software licensing team can direct you to better deals, help negotiate, assist in finding people elsewhere in the University who are buying the same product, or even take over managing your software license management server.
  • Are you getting research bids ‘wrong’ in terms of accurate funding requests for IT? NSMS and the RTS can advise on writing the bid, costing the bid, and can provide a range of services for research projects.
  • Reduce expenditure on expensive commercial web designers by getting free consultation with OUCS Web Design Consultancy and direction to value for money, competent designers.
  • WebLearn VLE has tools to assist with surveying or feedback or online assessment. Reduce paper use and photocopying costs by having handouts, notes, lecture lists, etc. offered in WebLearn for free.
  • Are you paying to use or have services hosted elsewhere? Have you considered talking to the OUCS Learning Technology Group (LTG) or Information Services or looking at the LTG online guides which point to (more often than not) free tools which we recommend?
  • OUCS can offer free, or a low-cost renting of our lecture rooms and meeting rooms if specialised IT teaching suites are required.
  • Are you paying for expensive 3rd party trainers? Could the IT Learning Program (ITLP) do it for free, or cheaper?
  • If you are willing to make content available via iTunes then OUCS can assist with the recording, editing, and storage, saving you paying to hire specialised equipment and people.
  • Are you paying to have IT rooms open to conference delegates or getting in third-party ISPs when you could use OUCS facilities, or the OWL visitor service, or Eduroam?
  • Could the OUCS computer hardware breakdown service or the OUCS repair facility help reduce your maintenance costs?
  • The OUCS print service (posters, colour printing, etc) or the OUCS Printer (monographs, brochures, etc) may be able to print your work cheaper than external printers.
  • Are you spending a lot of resource getting IT staff to sort out student machines when they could be directed simply to the OUCS backup/restore service?
  • OUCS Telecoms can offer advice and cost effective pricing on all manner of telecommunication systems, including advice on the agreed Government contract for procuring iPhones.
  • If you find you are spending considerable amounts of money on back-up systems or archiving research data then why not make use of the free or competitively priced central HFS service?
  • OUCS staff can give advice on procurement of IT equipment that provide better energy savings, or point people to good consultants who can audit energy use
  • OUCS has a well worked out policy on flexible working but we can also advise or provide facilities on easing the ability to work from home (freeing up space, travel budgets, time).

Note: Your primary support for IT issues comes from your department or college. Your first port of call for questions or advice should always be your local IT support.

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