21. Brief but Important

21.1. Departmental Name Changes

The Nuffield Department of Orthopaedic Surgery has changed its name to the Nuffield Department of Orthopaedic, Rheumatology and Muscloskeletal Surgery. Email addresses for the department have changed to @ndorms (from @ndos).

The Centre for the Environment (OUCE) has changed its name to the School of Geography and the Environment. Their email address has not changed.

21.2. Green and Templeton Email Addresses

Green College and Templeton College have merged and the overlap time for email addresses has ended. Email addresses using either @green or @templeton no longer work. If you send an email to such an address, you will receive a failed message explaining what has happened and asking you to use@gtc instead.

21.3. Annual Report and Five Year Plan

The OUCS Annual report and Five Year Plan are available online. Check out what OUCS have been up to and what they plan to do next.

21.4. Locations for OWL Phase 2 Site Surveys

A list of the sites which will be surveyed as part of the Oxford Wireless Lan (OWL) Phase 2 deployment is available. The sites have all been suggested by the divisions in the University. General OWL Phase 2 documentation. If you have any queries about this project please email wireless@oucs.ox.ac.uk

21.5. Geolinking with OXPOINTS

The OXPOINTS dataset now contains locations for all colleges, most departments, and all libraries. These can be queried by OUCS unit code and OLIS code (where applicable).Data feeds can be provided in HTML, XML, KML, JavaScript and JSON.

21.6. OSS Watch National Software Survey 2008 Report Published

During 2008, OSS Watch once again conducted a national survey to assess the state of software policies and usage in HE and FE in the UK. This was the third time that the software survey has been conducted and so the report is able to identify trends and draw comparisons with data from previous years.

For anyone involved with strategy and policy this a must-read document to see what is going on in the UK today.

21.7. Bootable USB version of Linux Desktop

Would you like to make a bootable USB key with Ubuntu Linux on it? An image is available. The setup is tailored for Oxford, and the software (e.g. VPN, Kerberos) is configured for local use. The distribution should run on any modern Intel-based desktop, laptop or netbook.

21.8. Teachers and the Web

During March, OUCS hosted a workshop for teachers. Ten school teachers attended and saw demonstrations of a range of Web 2.0 applications which would help them make teaching packages drawn from the First World War poetry project. They saw how to use an on-line tool to make annotated paths through a collection (soon to be open sourced), and uses of resource packs.

21.9. New Google Search Appliance

A new Google Search Appliance was installed in February, with an improved version of the software. Staff at OUCS are exploring ways of making better use of the facilities available, including keyword searches. We are very happy to assist webmasters who want to use the GSA to provide local search facilities.

21.10. Earth Hour

What’s the connection between the Eiffel Tower, Sydney Opera House and OUCS?

OUCS turned all it’s lights off for Earth Hour on 28th March. The Building Manager and the team of Eco Reps in the department asked all staff and students to turn everything off before they went home, and then did a final ‘sweep’ of the building when everyone had gone, to make sure the lights were all off.

Kate Aydin, the University Sustainability Officer, said 'I'm really pleased that at least one of our departments took part in Earth Hour - the staff in OUCS are dedicated to energy saving and they are setting a good example for the rest of the University.'

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