8. Modelling4All Project Launched

OUCS are pleased to announce that their Eduserve-funded project Modelling4All has been launched.

Computer modelling is playing an increasingly important role in fields as varied as sociology, epidemiology, zoology, economics, archaeology, ecology, climate, and engineering. Currently, only researchers or students with sufficient programming skills are able to participate in this new way of exploring and understanding real-world phenomena.

The Modelling4All Project aims to greatly broaden this participation. We intend to explore three innovations that promise to make modelling widely accessible by:

  • Providing an alternative to computer programming that is based upon composing and customising pre-built code fragments
  • Providing a web service for building, exploring, analysing, and sharing computer models
  • Building Web 2.0 services to support the formation of an on-line community where models and model components are shared, tagged, discussed, organised, and linked to other resources.

The project will also explore the possibilities and benefits of providing an immersive first-hand experience of the execution of a model within a virtual space such as Second Life.

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