1. Oxford’s iPhone and iPod Touch Competition 2009

Image of an iPhone

As part of Oxford University’s developing relationship with Apple, we are pleased to announce a new competition aimed at all members of the University, staff and students, to reward the best new application (‘app’) developed for Apple’s iPhone or iPod Touch that meets a specific need (academic, social, or administrative) of Oxford’s staff and/or students. The applications will be judged by a panel consisting of OUCS staff and senior Apple developers.

To become part of this, please register your interest in the competition. Once you register you will then receive an invitation which will allow you to access Oxford’s iPhone Developer portal and to download the SDK, etc.

You can enter as an individual or group under two categories:

1.1. Category 1

1st Prize - £750; 2nd Prize - £500; 3rd Prize - £150

This main category will require people to show a fully functional application at the judging meeting, though they can demonstrate proof-of-concept by using (for example) partial or test data.

1.2. Category 2

One prize only - £100

In this minor category (reflected in the prize) submissions are requested for the best ‘idea’ for an Oxford-targeted app. You will be asked to describe the app, what it would achieve, and submit mock-ups of the user interface.

1.3. iPhone University Developer Programme

OUCS has acquired membership of this programme for the University which will allow us to develop apps for the iPhone, test them on real devices and then distribute them through theApp Store. We know that there are a few groups across the University wishing to develop apps but who were concerned about having to get their own membership of the Developer Programme. If you are one of these groups, please drop a line to: erewhon@oucs.ox.ac.uk and we will let you know how it all works and get you added to our teams list which will give you full access.

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